Greencore NGO is accomplished the monitoring project between April to October 2011, in Matad soum, Dornod aimag /province/ in eastern Mongolia. During 6 months, in the frame work of the project with participating local people conducted survey named CRC/Citizen Report Card/ which contains 13 searching questions like that how local people think that Petrochina Dachin Tamsag company influenced to the environmental degradation in this area and do people of Matad soum know how many incomes come from this extracting industry and how it was benefits of this revenue for local people etc.

Brief introduction of the idea of project:

The proposed project aims at ensuring citizens oversight and monitoring on extractive industry revenue and identifying how extractive industry understands its responsibility and accountability of reporting their revenue.

Since Mongolia joined the international coalition “Publish what you pay and receive”, several years have passed but the information provided by government on how much income was generated form extractive industry and how the revenue was spent is fairly limited. Therefore, the project targets on opening up the opportunity for civil society and local community to run participatory survey and monitoring that leads to effective cooperation between the government and community and boosting the citizens’ initiative to discuss ups and own of the government decision and the entire sector.

What would be features of your project?

In the Dornod aimag’s Matad soum, Chinese invested Petro China has been working for over 10 years under the product sharing agreement with the Government of Mongolia in the oil sector.

Matad soum is isolated from aimag center, with higher rate of poverty and unemployment. Local citizens often criticize the company not contributing to local budget from its income from oil and this sector is said to be the sector that the information is closed and inaccessible. Even, there is no civil society organization working at the grassroots soum level.

During last years, citizens’ groups were formed in response to local concerns and citizens made some steps to monitor and oversee the operations run under the partnership between the government and the private sector.

There is a strong need to publicize and make transparent the status of implementation of the product sharing agreement, how much was generated from the agreement, how it was contributed to local economy and how much was the share for the government.

In addition to this, the monitoring will also cover how much was spent to environment reclamation and to what extent the company polluted the environment and soil followed by documentation of facts and evidences.

What are the expected results of your project after implementation period (up to 6-7 months period)?
By conducting monitoring on the implementation of an agreement between the mining company and the government, civil society organizations will upgrade their position from criticizing to clearly demonstrate the oil revenue allocation, how it is made and where there are problems based on the valid fact and evidence.
By discussing the achievement and weaknesses with the stakeholders, civil society organizations will be able to participate in the process of correcting the mistakes fit for the interests of the community.
The findings and results of the project will be disseminated through media (including and this will be the key step towards ensuring the social accountability, transparency in extractive industry and the company social responsibility and developing fairness.

Positive changes will be made in the partnership between government and civil society and the creative capacity of NGOs will be improved.

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